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Welcome to Waterlaw: Patrick, Miller, Kropf and Noto. For over 30 years, Waterlaw has been a leading water rights law firm that provides innovative solutions to our numerous and diverse clients who depend on water. We understand the critical need for water in various industries, including agriculture, municipal water, resort development and various businesses, and we have expertise in litigation as well as out of court negotiation in order to find the best and most cost effective solutions for our client’s water related needs. When looking for a water lawyer it’s important to hire a water attorney and firm which only practices in the water field.

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municipalScott Miller presented What Every Water or Metro District Should Know About Colorado Water Law at the Colorado Special District Association Annual Conference at Keystone, Colorado on Sept 10, 2014…..click here for more….

bookcoverKevin Patrick is a co-author/contributor of a new book published by the American Bar Association entitled: Beyond the Fracking Wars. The book is a guide for citizens, lawyers, and public officials in dealing with the environmental, water, governmental, and labor issues of the shale industry in America. Click here.

Kevin Patrick was the Chair the Hydraulic Fracking Conference addressing the Energy-Water Nexus. Click here for details.


California Declares a Drought Emergency!
The governor of California declares a state-wide drought, urging people to conserve water in what could be the state’s driest year on record. Read more: Click here
Western U.S. Drought Prompts Disaster Declarations In 11 States – Click here

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